A reflection paper is that paper that will allow the student to express his views. 

There is no specific rule for writing this type of paper because it represents the opinion of the student. The professor will allow each student to develop a format of their own that they are comfortable with. There are three types of reflection papers and the tone that you are going to use will depend on your choice among the three papers. 

You are expected to read your articles very thoroughly and take down useful notes before you begin work on the reflection paper. Starting the write-up of your paper can as well begin with a summary of all what your paper is all about. The outline of the research paper consists of an introduction, body and conclusion of the paper. To get proper writing help, visit Ewritingservice.com and find out how to write best papers in English.

Step by step guide to writing a reflection paper

  1. Your main theme

After settling on the topic that you wanted to write on, you are expected to begin with a summary of your experience with that topic in question. You have to be honest here by letting the readers know what you feel about the topic. It is likely that the readers will relate well with your opinion and it will help them to have a better understanding of your reflection.

  1. Brainstorm your ideas

Write down all the specific quotes and everything that influenced you or all the memorable landmarks that you have seen and discovered. You have to be personal here by explaining all that you did to get the results that you are using in your reflection. Your explanations should be in simple easy to understand words.

  1. Analyses

You have to go on and analyze everything about how the ideas that you have come across as well as the experience has affected your interpretation of the team of the work at hand. A perfect way to do this is to pick an idea or experience that you had in the last step and do everything to carry out an analysis of it. You are expected to narrate why you agree with the opinion. If you are in disagreement with the idea; you are also expected to state the reason why this is so.

  1. The connections involved

You are expected to form a cohesive picture of your theme. Your ideas, as well as your insights, should be put together in an organized and cohesive way that will confer on your reflection real practical values. Break down your assumptions into bits and pieces for a clearer understanding of the process. You can go on to challenge this in the future. 

Writing tips

Make sure your writing is short and interesting. It used to be written in a clear language tone and you must go all the way to cite your sources. Go on to proofread your work before you submit it finally.

Final take

You are at liberty to follow your pattern of writing because your thoughts are expressed in this paper. The rules that will help bring out the best results have been stated above.