You must get it right with the introduction of your research paper. Doing otherwise will spell doom for the entire exercise and this is the reason why you have to put your acts together right from the introduction of the topic. We shall go into tips that students will need to get the best introduction that will set their work aside from the midst of the pack. We shall be discussing five great tips that every scholar needs to create a compelling research paper introduction.

First impressions last long and you cannot afford to mess up with the opening paragraph of your essay. The following tips will help in bringing the best out of your introduction:

  • Concise
  • Engaging
  • Well-written
  • Properly structured

The introductory part of your topic must look like a claim and never a question. The guide above will help in giving the best results that you needed to get the standout from your peers. 

You can use a thesis to state your arguments. This is the most crucial part of your essay and it is not in the background of your paper. It takes just one or two sentences and it is not more than that. The thesis statement should be such that will captivate your readers to read your essay to the last word. This is the hooking phrase that should appear in your introduction. If your thesis is formulated in the form of a question, the answer to it should be given through the body of your work.

The approach to the introduction should be one that will stimulate your readers to read through the whole paper with rapt attention without jumping from one sentence to the other. Each of the body paragraphs is very important and should key into the key problems that are stated in the introduction. Your standpoint should be in a straight forward manner.

You are expected to develop a unique style by avoiding banality. Your original voice should be retrained all through because it will be heard right from the first statement and you might choose to tell a story relating to your personal experience. Giving some simple context examples will make people more interested and curious about your work. For the majority, they wanted to know how things work out in practical reality away from the theory aspect of how things run out.

Do not include too many details here. Beginning with a witty joke will be most ideal. The quote from a famous person will also be ideal. Including an interesting question taken from the first or last question of your work might also be of useful help in your introduction. Provide the last logical answer in the body and move on to define what you intended to achieve with the conclusion

Final take

The total of what you need to achieve the best results in your introduction is described above. It represents all that you will need to get the best prompt for the introduction of your research paper.